Category "Green Energy"

  • Solar Systems Associate Program

    Our Solar Systems Associate program combines two of the fastest growing solar energy courses available today. Photovoltaic and Solar Water both focus on the history of solar energy, the benefits, economics, and how to effectively incorporate it in today’s buildings and energy conservation movements.
  • Green Management Associate Program

    Our Green Management Associate program addresses environmental issues within a business and provides company leaders with benefits of addressing the issues in an eco-friendly fashion. As a Green Management Associate, individuals will be able to implement green strategies to minimize environmental repercussions in the day to day operations of a company.
  • Sustainability Professional

    As a Sustainability Professional, you will learn about this new ‘green’ paradigm, where energy plays a central role in our lives. Building an energy future which assures ample supplies of energy to meet our needs should be a major priority and of concern to all.
  • Solar Water Heating Specialist

    Heating water with the sun is a practice almost as old as humankind itself. This Solar Water Heating Specialist course is a guide to this clean and cost-effective technology. Beginning with a review of the history of solar water and space heating systems from prehistory to the present, this course presents an introduction to modern solar energy systems, energy conservation, and energy economics. This course covers:
  • Photovoltaic System Professional

    The Photovoltaic System Professional is a comprehensive course and guide to installation of residential and commercial photovoltaic (PV) systems. This course covers the principles of PV electricity and how to effectively incorporate it into stand-alone or utility-connected electrical systems. We give detailed illustrations to clarify the concepts behind PV system operation. Prerequisite(s): None
  • Green Management

    As a business leader in any market, you have an obligation to be a responsible manager. This course provides students with an in-depth look at global and glocal community issues and how to prepare businesses by applying the three domains of effective management: sustainability, responsibility, and ethics. This Green Management course provides vital information, backed by case studies that showcase responsible management activities around the world.